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The original STOL aircraft for the kit plane market. 2 Seat LSA. Power from 60 to 100 hp. Best STOL performing aircraft around

Zenith CH701

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New 2 seat STOL aircraft for full LSA utilization. 650 Kg MTOW Power from 100 to 140 hp. 100 Mph TAS cruiser, with slats! Useful load from 250 to 310 kg


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4 seat STOL aircraft. Power from 160 to 240 hp 100mph TAS STOL cruise aircraft. Useful load 485 kg


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New LSA sport cruiser. The original LSA aircraft. Low wing fast cruiser, 2 seat LSA. 135Mph TAS cruiser

80 to 130Hp


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4 seat low wing cruiser. Cruise at 145mph with 4 occupants. 485 kg useful load.

160 to 240 hp


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UL Power, Lycoming, ECI Titan, Rotax, Jabiru,

Engines—UL Power / ECI Titan

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0027 83 485 427


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Our Prefered props from Whirwind.

Blades for Rotax, Jabiru, Conti, Lycoming, UL Power, 2 and 3 blade. 80 to 200hp



Text Box: Supply MGL avionics systems, UMA avionics, Falcon avionics, VPX systems,  FLIR systems and installations


Propellers—Whirlwind propellers


Avionics supplies and Thermal FLIR systems

2 Seat PPL trainer. Power 116 to 160 hp. Spin approved trainer. Fully Certified part 23 FAA. Used in PPL training and military training in South America. Used in Middle East by US forces for observation and patrolling purposes

CH2000 / CH200M

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New 2 seat  aircraft for full LSA utilization. 650 Kg MTOW Power from 100 to 140 hp. 118 Mph  cruiser,  New High Wing model more suitable for prepared strips and fast cruising


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We supply the full line of Zenair floats. Available for LSA and 4 seat aircraft. Straight and amphibias versions available


Zenair Floats

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Product list Aircraft

CH701 - LSA




CH650B - LSA


CH2000 / M Alarus

Engines Various

Avionics Various