Bundu aviation

Flying back to the Bush. Affordable performance flying

Largest LSA STOL on the market. MTOW designed weight 650 kg. Register as LSA or NTCA.

Product Summary

> HP from 100 to 160 hp

> MTOW designed max 650Kg

> New raised roof—largest cabin in class in height and width

> Largest baggage compartment

> 100 mph cruise IAS sea level

> Engine options UL Power, Rotax, Jabiru, Lycoming, Continental,

> All listed FWF supported with full install kits

> Available as kit, quick build and fly away

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Phone: 0027 83 4852427  /  0726728793

E-mail: info@bunduaviation.com

> New CH750 Cruzer released

> 115mph cruise high wing

> Single struts

> 2 piece rudder

> No slats


> Detail ad section to follow