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Supply MGL avionics for all applications with advisory on additional parts and installations

Specialize in MGL avionics installations, programming and interfacing. MGL autopilot installations, and troublesome electrical installations.

Product Summary

> We design and install avionics installations

> Panel cutting done

> Electrical integrations done

> Signature panels are removable completely from aircraft in +- 4 minutes

Price: contact for pricing

Supply all MGL avionics

Supply MGL sub systems and parts, sensors, accessories

Supply UMA and Falcon Gauges


Supply any needed parts from Aircraft Spruce and mot other US based suppliers


MGL avionics programming for custom screens and user training.


Repair and correction of wiring systems for erratic installations.


MGL installations and repairs done on the following:

Jabiru, Tecnam, IBIS, Zenith range, Sling, Xenon gyro, Motor Falke,

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MGL Avionics

Phone: 0027 83 4852427  /  0726728793

E-mail: info@bunduaviation.com